Construction Meetings

We will meet consistently throughout the building process to ensure your needs are being met, along with checking the construction side of things.

  1. Pre Construction – During the Pre Construction meeting, we will make any final adjustments to your floor plan. 
  2. Electrical Walk – Following the beginning stages of the home construction, we will walk through your home with the electrician and make decisions regarding lighting. This will include how many cans you want in a certain area or where your light fixtures will go.
  3. Pre Drywall – We will meet prior to drywall to confirm the placement of walls and make any last minute adjustments.
  4. Trim Walk – Following the drywall meeting, we will meet to discuss trim. We will make decisions on lockers, closets, etc.
  5. Punch Walk – At this stage, your dream home is almost ready! During this walk, we will document anything that needs to be finished before closing. This might include paint retouches, etc.
  6. Final Walk Through – We are one step from being done! During this meeting, we will make sure everything from the Punch Walk is completed.