You’re wanting to build a new home but the initial process feels daunting–how do you start?

1. Consultation Preparation

You have finally decided to start your dreams of building your own home. Before meeting with City Hill Homes, we recommend that you complete a few steps prior to the meeting.

• Create your wish list through the link below
• Establish a budget along with a time frame of when you might be ready to begin building.
• Email us a link to your home Pinterest board for us to get a better understanding of your ideas.

2. Consultation Meeting

During the consultation meeting we will discuss the goals for your home. This will include going over your wish list, budget, lot, etc. This meeting is great to determine if City Hill Homes is the builder for you. We know that building a home is a big investment; furthermore, we want to make sure we are the right fit! Following the consultation meeting, we will set up individual meetings to finalize your budget, design, lot, and floor plan. 

3. Floor Plans

While creating your plan, customization is key. How does your family live?  Do you need a great room, 5 bedrooms, and a large kitchen?

4. Lots

You can check out the communities City Hill Homes has already built through the link below.

5. Budget

You will receive set allowances, giving you the ability to splurge on what makes you happy!  Do you have to have a screened in porch?  Great!  Make that a non-negotiable. You have the freedom to change or add in our homebuilding process.

6. Design

You will then choose your finishes. With City Hill Homes, you choose everything. We recommend using City Hill Design, our sister company, if you are overwhelmed. They will offer special prices for being a City Hill Homes customer.